Wednesday, 23 August 2006

Spain's institutional hatred against all things Catalan

The link above is from the Catalan newspaper Avui. I am sorry I don’t have a full translation in English but you can always try a Catalan-English e-translation in Translendium or a Catalan-Spanish e-translation in Softcatalà.

The article explains how the Speaker of the Spanish Parliament and its Registry department systematically refuse to accept any letter or documents written in Catalan or Basque. However, they are happy to accept and translate official documents in other languages like French or English.

Amazingly, the European parliament accepts correspondence written in Catalan. Yet, this is not possible in the so-called “plural” state of Spain.

Once again, irrefutable proof of the institutional hatred the Catalan nation has to suffer at the hands of Spain. How can anyone harbour any hopes of living in a multinational, multilingual Spain (like a Switzerland of the Mediterranean) when Spain's higher institutions of government, regardless of who is in power, have a systematic policy of persecution and obliteration of our language and culture?

Spain will never change. They want to exterminate any traces of national identity left in Catalonia as they have almost done in the rest of the Catalan-speaking areas, likeValencia or the Balearics. They are following the lead of France, whose successive governments have almost succeeded in eliminating the Catalan language in the counties north of the border.
We are next in Spain's policy of cultural genocide.

Will we ever have the guts to stand up and say ‘enough is enough’?

Post published in the Racó Català:


quim said...

Your're right. Nothing to do with Spain. It's a neverending story. History has showed us clrearly we've made a big mistake: fight for the authonomy insted of the independence. What a stupid thing the authonomy is! Did the irish, the polish, the czecs, the ex-yugoeslavian fight for the authonomy?. Now that I'm living and working in Switzerland I know as well that Spain never can be as plurarl as this country is. Kind regards and congratulations for this excellent bloc

Anonymous said...

Hi "RAB", the title of your blog suggests that you are a catalan leaving in Scotland. Am I wrong?

ian llorens said...

I fully agree with your post. However, the reality is that the reason why we have not won a single war in the last 600 years, is that there are always traitors (botiflers)inside Catalonia that betray the Catalan people. The last one is called Artur Mas, who settled for a substandard Statute.

Rab said...

Anonymous: yes I am a Catalan living and working in Scotland. I have been a resident in Scotland for over 7 years now.

Anonymous said...

Ian llorens: if you say Catalans haven't won any war the last 600 years you have a serious history knowledge problem.

ian llorens said...

I would appreciate if you could enlighten my amnesia. But in my modest knowledge of Catalan history, I have not found any significant victory by the Catalans, since the Trastamara started to govern the kingdom of Aragon in 1412 through the compromise of Caspe.
And do not take me wrong, I wish we had, but we didn't.
And if you mean that we won the Champions League, that's not the kind of victories I was referring to.

Anonymous said...
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