Tuesday, 31 October 2006

Chelsea are the scum of the Earth

What can I say? Chelsea and Mourinho are the scum of the Earth, a cancer that we football fans are suffering. I just hope and pray that man never wins the Champions League backed up by the Russian money launderer. Drogba was a disgrace today. What a shame they scored in the fucking last minute. The refereed was a liability: at least we now know that he will not be refereing the final. What a shite performance.

And this is not even about Chelsea FC: this is about a man who does not know the meaning of sportmanship: Mourinho. I have always believed that what goes around comes around and I am positive that Mourinho and the current Chelsea team will get theirs coming sooner or later.

We may not qualify now for the knock-out stages, but it doesn't matter. We can held our heads high while Mourinho and Chelsea continue to bring the game into disrepute.
Time will put everyone in their place.
We will see where Mourinho and Chelsea are in 5 years time.


Tom said...

Rab - were you listening in on me last night? This sounds remarkably similar to the soliloquy I delivered to my long-suffering wife last night after the game had finished.

Keep on kicking against the pricks, yeah?

Rab said...

It is incredible: I dislike Chelsea & Mourinho more than I dislike Real Madrid. That's not right.

Re the pricks: there is no point in bothering. They form part of the same ideological universe as El Mundo, COPE, ABC, etc, and there's nothing in this world that annoys me more than wasting my time. Got a few e-mails from people agreeing broadly with what I said so I am sure sooner or later a new resource will come up.