Friday, 24 November 2006

too busy studying!

Right ladies and gentlemen.
I have not forgotten about the blog, it is just that I am studying like crazy for the CFA exam.
Much, much more difficult that I initially thought; I have taken this week off work to study. This week I have been at the library from 9am until 8.30pm. Exam is on December 2nd so normal services will resume after that weekend.

PS1: Montilla, an immigrant born in Andalusia, has today been invested President of Catalonia. Will Spain ever have a Catalan primer minister again? Even just a candidate?
PS2: And now that the anti-Catalan Ciudadanos speak Spanish in the Catalan Parliament, could the Spanish parlament stop the prohibition of addressing the chamber in any language other than Spanish? What language is being discriminated by the law?

Arrrgh, can't wait to get this bloody exam off the way!


Dors said...

'Will Spain ever have a Catalan primer minister again?'
When did Spain have a Catalan prime minister, in the first place?

ian llorens said...

Estanilao Figueres (Feb 1873 - Jun 1873). Four months as Presindent of the 1st Republic.
It is believed that Estanislao Figueras was so fed up with the situation that he yelled at the other Spanish ministers in Catalan: Senyors, ja no puc mes. Els hi sere franc: estic fins als collons de tots vostes!

Francesc Pi i Margall (Jun 1873 - Jul 1873). President for 37 days.

Many people think that Lerroux was Catalan, but he was born, of course, in Cordoba.