Thursday, 1 March 2007

Newspaper articles worth a prison sentence?

I finally found them. The two newspaper articles that won the Basque prisoner Iñaki de Juana Chaos a prison sentence.

Amazingly, the articles themselves have not been banned. You can read them on the Gara newspaper website. And I wonder the following: if the articles were defamatory or threatening or vindicated the use of terrorism, then surely the authorities would have instructed to have them removed, right?

But the articles are still there because they are harmless. Proof that de Juana Chaos was punished because he dared to speak up, not for what he actually wrote.

This is the link to the article published on 1 December 2004. (here, Spanish only).
And this is the article published on 30 December 2004. (here, Spanish only).

I am quite busy now with work and studies and football but I intend to translate the two articles into English so that everyone who is not fluent in Spanish can judge for themselves if these two writings deserve a prison sentence.

Keep checking the blog over the next few weeks.

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Ox said...

This guy (de juana) killed over 20 people, yet shows no regret. While still in prison, he said he rejoiced seeing the disfigured faces of the relatives at the funerals and when he saw a terrorist attack on TV, he said he "has eaten for the whole day" ordering champaign and shrimps to celebrate it.

Too bad he didn't starve to death. He deserved it.