Saturday, 2 June 2007

Blogus interruptus: common sense is so scarce

Sadly, Ian has decided to discontinue his excellent blog. It is a pity for there are not many people with the ability to put a point of view across in such a concise and smart manner. I am often slightly jealous of Ian’s posts, thinking to myself: “I wish I had written that”.

Whatever the reasons, best of luck Ian.

Then, I notice that another top blogger, Curious Hamster, seems to have stopped posting too, but with no previous warning. It is slightly concerning. Not sure whether it is a voluntary or involuntary hiatus. Another loss for the blogosphere, for Curious Hamster’s blog was a pleasure to read. He always provided a different viewpoint and his posts contained informative links to check his quotes and references.

It is a pity that people with so much to say, and who talk so much sense, are so scarce.


trevor@kalebeul said...

Relax man, I'm still here :-)

Rab said...


Superb example of sarcasm and self-deprecating snide at your good self.

I am afraid you have as much common sense as Saddam Hussein had WMD: none.

Your blog and comments in BR are testament to that.


Rab said...

I was meant to put a smiley on my previous comment...


No hard feelings, we just disagree on a number of issues...