Sunday, 13 January 2008

The more the merrier

First, a Happy New Year to all readers.

I have to apologise because I have not been posting much recently. In fact, I have been rather busy the last few months. My parents came over for Hogmanay, and today my gorgeous girlfriend and I put down a reserve payment towards the purchase of our new home.

Over the last few weeks I have not posted much, but I have discovered a handful of blogs in English about Catalan/Spanish politics. - does not post very regularly but it explains the issues clearly and in a combative language. - an excellent list of reasons why Catalonia will be better off as an independent state rather than being part of Spain. - a new blogger, George blogs from Barcelona in English and also in Catalan. - also a new blogger, Josep has many other blogs in Catalan, available from his profile page. - also a new blogger in English, Xavier Mir has been an active participant in the Catalan blogosphere (Catosphere) for many years.

Then, we have Ian Llorens’ revamped blog: -probably the best blog in English about Catalonia.

We still have the reliable The Badrash, Although Tom probably is very much on my left, metaphorically speaking, I do enjoy his posts and lateral thinking.

Mathew Tree is another Englishman who has made Catalonia his home. He even publishes books in Catalan.

Finally, Ramon Tremosa is a Professor of Economics at the Universitat de Barcelona. He has some publications in English in his personal page. I very much like his paper on the fiscal deficit in Catalonia and how it affects growth and economic development.

All in all, everyone of the above blogs helps to internationalise the issue of Catalan independence and explain why remaining part of Spain will result in economic, cultural and political decline for Catalonia.

There are many voices in Catalonia, native and adopted Catalans, who are determined not to be silenced by the rhetoric of the Spanish State. Against those failed expats who have not adapted to Catalonia, refusing to accept Catalan culture and language as a mainstream component of life in Catalonia, and adopting the language of anti-Catalan Spanish Nationalists, people like Tom, George or Matthew provide us with positive examples of integration.

If I have missed any other blogs, please let me know and I will add them to the post.

For those who borrow from Libertad Digital: enjoy the list above!

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Erik Wirdheim said...


You might want to add my blog on your list (

I have been writing in English for more than a year but recently started to add comments in Catalan as well.

Thanks in advance.