Monday, 8 February 2010

The more the merrier

I am glad to report that I have recently discovered a couple of English-language blogs about Catalan/Spanish politics:

Catalonia Direct
Catalonia Info

and an updated entry from George@BCN. Keep it up, superb writing.

These new additions to the English language Catosphere, each with its own perspective, will serve to counter the pseudo-historic revisionism, the pack of lies and bullshit, and the Catalanophobe resentment of Spanish nationalism (past and present) apologist Kalebeul.

Update 19/02/2010:
I have added a few blogs to my blogroll and to the list of blogs I follow. Great stuff out there but there are some people that could do a bit better....


trabizonspor said...

Anyone wanna buy real Spanish pesetas?

Albert said...

Gràcies per l'enllaç!