Saturday, 10 July 2010

Blogus interruptus

Regular readers will have noticed that there has been an hiatus in this blog.
Sometimes life takes over in unexpected ways. Amongst other stuff, being without internet at home for 6 weeks has been quite traumatic. Let’s hope I never have to go through this again.

Much has been happening since my last entry.

-         a new UK coalition government
-         FC Barcelona has won the League title
-         AVUI has been bought by El Punt on the cheap with the support of PSOE-PSC with the aim of toning down its editorial policy and ultimately get rid of the title. Shame because AVUI and its Diàleg pages were an oasis of free-thinking and competing viewpoints, from PP and Ciudadanos to ERC and Reagrupament. 
-    I visited by family and friends in Catalonia and enjoyed a visit to the city of Zaragoza.
-         The Labour Party is Glasgow has found itself mired in corruption allegations and scandals. To call this lot the Labour mafia as I and many other people do is really an understatement.
-         The Spanish Constitutional Court has issued a ruling against the new Catalan Estatut (devolution framework) that was approved by the Spanish Parliament, the Catalan Parliament and the people of Catalonia in a referendum. This ruling destroys the consensus of 1979 and attacks the most fundamental tenets of social cohesion in Catalonia.
-         The Spanish PM has said that the process of devolution (“desarrollo autonómico”) for Catalonia has been closed.
-         Spain is going to play in the FIFA World Cup final for the first time ever. My 20/1 bet placed a few weeks ago now looks extremely good value.
-         A few so-called “neutral” bloggers have come out of the closet with regards to the whole Spain vs Catalonia debate.

Normal services will resume soon. I am trying to recover usernames, passwords, etc, and get my thoughts together on a few issues.


kalebeul said...

Dude, your marvellous feed is full of format crap, viz

Rab said...

Thanks for that, I don't really know how to fix it or how to even get to see what's wrong... will investigate tomorrow.

Were you at the demo?

Rab said...

I see you are still living in a parallel universe... remember to keep taking your medication.

kalebeul said...

Man, it's weird, I took my medication and like there's lots of people in Gracia waving Spanish flags and shouting Visca Catalunya!