Monday, 8 December 2008

The Best of the Rest: Obama

For months, I had been planning to write an article about Barrack Obama. Its title was meant to be “Obama and the promise of change”.

But there is no need. I read this article in the Sunday Herald and I think it explains the issue much better than I could ever do.

Notwithstanding that Obama’s bubble will burst sooner than later, it is more with relief rather than joy that I watched the news unfold. The USA now have a mixed race president, something many people said it would never happen, ever. Wrong. The USA is a more open-minded and tolerant country than the ridiculously twisted portrayal we see in the European media. OK, they are a few rednecks still riding, but there are many rednecks in Europe too.

It is puzzling how, collectively, people still believe in a politicians’ word when we have witnessed time and time again that any promises of “real change” sooner or later give way to “pragmatism” (i.e: more of the same) and “realism”, or worse, “incremental change”.

The only consolation is that at least now there is a man in charge who is intelligent, a man who is not going to embarrass the American people with his illiteracy and lack of intellect.

And the sad thing is that’s the best we can hope for.

PS: if nothing else, we can also laugh at the rednecks and proto-racists that are foaming in the mouth at Obama's victory. Read this for a laugh, it's very funny.

PS2: one thing is clear: he's been watched, taped and spied by the usual suspects... Welcome to the White House! [BBC News]

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