Monday, 8 December 2008

The natural course of democracy

It is rather worrying when the big news is that the democratic process is allowed to happen naturally, normally and without the threat of violence, financial boycotts, or political obliteration.

In Greenland, people have voted to decide their constitutional future.
Without any interference, imposition, threat, from Denmark.
It is just what happens when democracy is allowed to take place.

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Toni said...

Another example would be the relatively positive reaction of the UK government regarding the independence plans of the SNP.

Nothing to do with the way Spain as a whole (politicians, government, media, public opinion) treat Catalonia and the Basque Country simply because some of us would like a referendum on the matter to be held in those nations. As it is at the moment this would be illegal plus the Army could intervene in the process. Spain a democratic state?? I leave this for you to answer!