Monday, 12 October 2009

Fascist inmpunity

One again, another Fascist aggression in Valencia by Spanish nationalists.

As ever, the Spanish Fascist gangs operate with total impunity in Valencia.

The Spanish authorities look the other way -as do many bloggers and Spain-based foreign journos.

I guess it is ok for some to beat the shit out of a Catalan activist in the name of Spain.

Racó Català [cat]


trabizonspor said...

Er, maybe because they tend to make this kind of claim on obscure websites without providing any kind of evidence and without apparently denouncing to the police, so it doesn't show up in the news. There's certainly nastiness between the various Spanish, Valencian and Catalan nationalist sects operating in Valencia (as well as stuff with gypsies, Maghrebis etc ad infinitum), but as long as it remains anecdotal there's surely no particular reason to take it seriously.

Rab said...

I cannot believe what you have written. Even by your own standards of nonsensical historical revisionism, anti-Catalan prejudice and truth-bending, it is quite astonishing.
Nice of you, once again, to make excuses for the worst kind of violent Spanish nationalism.

1)The violence is only from one side to the other: from Spanish fascists towards Valencian/Catalan activists. Even elected councillors get beaten up.

2) Spanish media look the other way and Spanish police are uninterested when not complicit: after all they beat people up at airports for daring to use their own language.

3) These acts of violence are not anecdotal and Raco Catala is in the top 5 most visited Catalan websites. Hardly an obscure site.

Read Racó Catalá [cat] and check the links on the right with more news of violent attacks.

Or another attack against the HQ office of the BLOC in Valencia. [cat]

Hardly an anecdote, isn't it?
But I guess since Catalan/Valencian people are on the receiving end of Spanish nationalism, then that’s ok with you. Just an anecdote. Unbelievable.

Manel said...

Well, trabizonspor, you're wrong. Of course you already know it, but here's the proof:

The boy denounced this agression tot he police. There you'll find also a lot of links of spanish and catalan newspapers, which maybe not considered by you "obscure websites".

And, just for clearness, is the 5th catalan language digital newsmedia in the official audited ranking of OJD/Nielsen (see it at So, obscure web site?

And about your supposed and revisionist "catalan nationalist sects" operating in Valencia ... do you have any video, page or photo supporting that? You don't have any, of course, because those sects do not exist :) As you already know that (again).

Rab said...

Manel, thanks for the comment, I missed the links to other media.

Trevor has integrated so well that he has all the attributes of a Spanish nationalist...

I think it must have been a broken heart that has triggered his prejudice against anything Catalan. Sad really, the boy could have done better than this.

Miquel Marzabal Galano said...

Only independence will save us from Spanish fascism. And it will do so drastically, neatly and hopefully for ever.
Very important reason to break with Spain.