Friday, 23 October 2009

Wikileaks closed down?

I am trying to access WikiLeaks but it is not working.

Anyone out there is able to connect to or

Yesterday, The Guardian had an editorial in praise of it…. could this be the death-knell for Wikileaks?

If I do a PING, it comes up with this result:

Update: 1900h: well, I don't know what happen but was down for about 2-4 hours between 2-5pm at least. It is now up and running. I am going to check up if I have any neighbours, currently or in the immediate future, in the BNP.


Tom said...

There's one guy (English) who lives over here. Up in Vallcarca. He obviously doesn't like his Fatherland enough.

peter said...

im just gonna leave a message to say that Wikileaks is down again.

Anonymous said...
there's a "mirror" of wikileaks...
that's a fps provided by a political party in portugal
spread the word