Friday, 16 October 2009

The uselessness of foreign correspondents

Apart from Robert Fisk, that is.

Today it was the final straw: foreign journalists covering Spain are quite a useless lot. Do they spend their time teaching Spanish part-time to make ends meet?

I understand that news are provided for a British readership but to accept that argument after the news coverage today is to accept that readers of British broadsheets are as braindead as tabloid readers.

Of all the things that have happened in Spain in recent weeks, the only one that got significant coverage in the UK press was the decision by the Catalan parliament to abolish “happy hour” and “irresponsible” drink promotions.

The Independent

The Guardian

The Telegraph

BBC News

Note: I will await until The Times’ journo catches up.

What about?

+ The corruption cases involving the PP in Mallorca and Valencia.

+ The independence referendums in Catalonia

+ The arrests of Basque politicians whose only crime was to meet up.

+ The banking crisis

But no, our collection of rent-a-word ex-pats decide to write back to their editors about some minor legislation about drinking. Dumbing down indeed.


kalebeul said...

Don't forget the corruption scandal involving CDC in Cataloonia. Wouldn't want people to think you're a foreign correspondent.

Rab said...

I am not a CDC supporter but I think their corruption scandal, whatever it is, is insignificant compared to what is going on in the PP. Millet gave money to all parties.

Once again, by coming up with such a silly reply and writing "Cataloonia", you devalue your own argument and come across as a total ignoramus, full of prejudice and narrow-minded Catalanophobia. What a sad life it must be to live in a place you despise so much. I kind of feel sorry for you.